Testing Bias is a weekly show hosted by Andy Tinkham & Ian Bannerman that challenges the ready answers of common testing thoughts to understand what good modern testing really is.

New episodes are released on Sunday. 

From humble beginnings as an intern untangling some automated tests (created just before a major UI rewrite in a time before most tools had object recognition capabilities), Andy has spent 20 years dedicated to the art and craft of software testing. Currently, he's Magenic's global practice lead for quality assurance and testing, leading a community of 120+ testers in the US and the Philippines. 

Over his career, Andy has worked for both big and small companies across a number of industries. He also spent time studying with Dr. Cem Kaner at the Florida Institute of Technology, where he earned an MS degree in Software Engineering and completed half a PhD. (the half that didn't require a dissertation).

When he's not focused on testing, Andy enjoys photography, playing board games, sampling craft beer, working logic puzzles, reading across a number of genres, listening to other podcasts, and researching his family's genealogy.

After years spent buried in the underpinnings of operating systems, Ian surfaced as a consultant at Magenic focusing on automation, performance, and other technical testing activities.

Ian is always working to understand the why behind how things are, in fields from testing, usability, psychology, technology, rational thinking, history, development, security, and someone please cut him off he won't stop send help.

Ian is also the creator of the InSSIDious network testing tool for replicating poor network conditions for mobile and desktop app testing.